Through its official website, the Lega Serie A has announced advances and postponements of the first four turnover of the 2020/21 massive samples. Six teams, however, will not take part in the first weekend of matches, due to the postponement of a week requested and obtained by Inter, Atalanta and Lazio-Atalanta and Udinese-Spezia, finalized to close the season in the last season of Benevent, Lazio-Atalanta and Udinese-Spezia will be played every Wednesday, September 30, with schedule still to be defined.

19/09/2020 Saturday 18.00 Fiorentina-Torino Sky Saturday 18.00 Torino Sky
19/09/2020 Hellas Verona-Rome DAZN 20.45
20/09/2020 Sunday 12.30 DAZN: Parma-Naples
20/09/2020 Sunday 15.00 DAZN Genoese-Croton
20/09/2020 Sassuolo-Cagliari Sky Sunday 18.00
20/09/2020 Juventus Sunday 20.45-Sampdoria Sky
21/09/2020 Milan-Bologna Sky Monday 20.45

Benevento-Inter Sky 30/09/2020 Wednesday (time yet to be defined)
Lazio-Atalanta Sky 30/09/2020 Wednesday (time yet to be defined)
30/09/2020 Udinese-Spezia Sky) Wednesday (time yet to be defined)